Is this a good thing?  Well, at times it can be very exciting.  At others, not so much.  It seems I barely get through one thing and another rears its not-so-pretty head.  I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and that whatever it is, it moves us along our path.  Take my sexual assault–I knew right from the moment it happened that it would teach me many things, that it was, in fact, necessary to get me to the next phase of my life.  And as difficult as it was, I was okay with it.  Truth be told, though I am 98% healed from that whole ordeal, I still have certain triggers that set me off and either make me cry or really piss me off.  I am beginning to realize this may be a life-long thing, that I will never be 100% over it.  This, too, is okay.

For what is happening now in my life, however, I am definitely not seeing the big picture yet.  I know I am still in shock, and it still does not seem real.  Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This is something I never, ever, ever thought would happen in my life.  I have no family history of any type of cancer.  I am super active and have been my entire life; I mostly eat very cleanly, though I definitely have a serious sugar addiction, which I fight sometimes more successfully than others.  Still, overall, as my wonderful husband put it the other day, “You look too beautiful and too healthy to be sick.”

Currently I am being biopsied and ultrasounded and MRId and PET scanned and poked and prodded to make sure I am, in fact, as healthy as I look.  The type of breast cancer I have is very rare; I am triple positive, which as I understand it means that estrogen, progesterone and a hormone called Her2 are over-expressing and have caused a tumor to form.  As of right now, I begin chemo on Tuesday.

I have told very few people of my diagnosis, until this very moment, that is.  I am still getting used to it and talking about it makes it more real, which I don’t want it to be.  My reason for sharing this with all of you is I am asking for your prayers.  I do know that prayer is powerful and I need all the help I can get.  Thank you in advance.

So begins another journey I do not wish to be on.


  1. Tamerie I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I wish there was more I could do. Of course I will pray. And wish for maximum (and rapid) healing and minimum pain and discomfort. If it would ever help to speak with me, I would be happy to.

    My number is 858-481.8000

    Much love And healing light Nik

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  2. Tamerie, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer this spring. She just finished her 40 sessions of radiation and we celebrated, cried, and hugged each other! She only wants to think about positive things, and she & her husband will be moving back to Texas in 2 months. (They live in Ft. Smith, Ar.) We are planning a big Christmas at their brand new house and life seems to be fun again! Her prognosis is excellent, and we are thankful for continuing research and modern medicine!!! The prayers of family and friends helped to sustain her during her treatments! It gave her comfort and courage, and it will do the same for you! Count me in!!!


    • Thank you, Shirley! I do know that pray and a positive attitude are extremely important in my healing process. And I can also use all the well-wishes, love, positive energy and prayers from all my friends and family, too. So glad that your sister is doing well and I will add her to my prayers, as well. xo


    • Thank you, Stephanie! I hope all is going well with you. Do you have a date yet for your book release? I cannot wait to read it!

      We have had a couple little nibbles for Jim’s screenplays, so are hopeful we will get an agent out of it. It is so challenging, as you well know to break into that inner circle and have someone believe in you enough to take a chance.

      Love, Light and Big Hugs to you and Michael!!! xoxo


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