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  1. Tamerie,
    I am one of those who did not know your life had been reformatted by such an unspeakable event. Funny I should say “unspeakable” after reading your blog, however my perspective is that there are no words adequate to embody such an invasion on any woman’s personhood. Your readers are honored to be allowed such a frank, honest and gritty look into your soul. I fully support your desire to provide women a forum to unload, disgorge, give up and turn over the poison of such an event, and then to absorb the knowledge that someone else has endured, survived and moved toward deeper strength and control of the impact of such a life-changer. I am very proud to be related and can definitely see the Messick-lineage fighter in you. I pray that God will bless your blog and the relationships you will build. I loved seeing you at Darrell’s memorial and wish we had been able to converse more. See you in Santa Fe! Jeanne Messick Loidolt


  2. 5 weeks ago my 15-year-old daughter Ciara committed suicide. I’m simply shattered with unimaginable pain over the loss of my sweet daughter. And trying desperately to shake the gnawing guilt esp. about that last day where we argued but your insight and words into the battle she was fighting have helped. I’m so unbelievably broken. But you have helped. Thank you!! Your words have made a difference. Please know you are in my prayers and I wish you the same peace I wish ourselves.

    Here’s our/her story:


    • Karen,

      I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter. I know the pain you are feeling is terrible. Thank you for your words of kindness towards me and what I’ve shared. What I know for sure is everyone deals with and processes their pain and trauma in totally different ways. What worked/works for me may or may not work for you. It is a life-long journey. Thank you for sharing your/Ciara’s story. It is incredibly hard to talk about and incredibly necessary. There is still such a stigma about mental illness. If we all talk about it, we CAN change it. When I started telling my story, my feeling was, if I can help just one person then that’s okay. By telling the struggles you and your family went through, you ARE helping another family in a similar situation. I wish I could say it gets easier in time, and to a degree it does, but I’m not sure the pain ever truly goes away.

      I will keep you in my prayers, as well.


  3. Sugar is the worst thing you can eat !
    The Cure For All Cancers by Dr CLARK
    Reveals everything one needs to remove from their life involving food and environment.
    I gave a dear friend this book
    She followed it closely had her first chemo too
    And was in remission.
    But Every Thanksgiving- Christmas she would start with a piece of pie
    Then cake then chocolate etc and then her numbers would start to rise
    ….. then she was back to chemo
    This continued until her kidneys could not with stand the chemo anymore!

    She died 7 years after being diagnosed
    She died from addictive relapses with sugar.
    Sugar weakens the immune system…period


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