I belong to a fabulous women’s group and to start off the New Year, we gathered to make dream/vision boards.  While a number of us had made boards in the past, some of the women had not.  It was fascinating to see the varied boards that emerged from the creative minds these amazing women.  Each one was completely different.  The fun part was to see everyone’s finished board and to notice pictures or words that we may have passed over for our own board on the board of someone else.  Dream boards are a powerful way to attract what we envision for our lives.

This is my dream board for 2016:



Last year at this time, I created this dream board.


It was about 3 weeks past the sentencing of cockroach boy, and I had been biding my time since January, when I had first gotten the idea for At Long Last Heard, to launch this site.  I was still deep in the recovery process and, although I was then ‘free’ to talk about what had happened, I was still hesitant and, most likely, afraid to put it out there for anyone to see.  I was still suffering from PTSD at that point.  When the opportunity presented itself for making a dream/vision board, I jumped at the chance.  I saw it as a way for me to have a tangible representation of all the healing quotes and phrases that were constantly running through my head.  And instead of having just a board full of quotes, which I could have done, I chose to have flowers, as well.

I have it beside my bed and still look at it each day for inspiration.