I understand that in the larger scheme of things losing one’s hair is a very small thing.  But guess what?  Being told by well-meaning people that I ‘just need to get over it,’ that ‘it will grow back,’ that I should ‘just embrace my bald head;’ none of these are helpful to me right now.  It is disrespectful and even hurtful.  That may have been your experience, but, as of right now, it isn’t mine.  I am sad, and I cannot even cry about it, as I am still in shock and my tears are still stuck in my body.  I think the hardest thing  is now I actually look sick.  While I still had my hair, I may have been sick, but I still looked relatively normal.  Now, not so much.

So tomorrow morning I am going back to the salon to get my head shaved.

4 thoughts on “IT IS A BIG DEAL TO ME

  1. Tamerie, there’s nothing about having cancer that is easy to embrace!!! You didn’t ask to get cancer and no amount of money will change your circumstances. Having gone through the horrible ordeal with Chuck, I understand that cancer changes one’s entire life and the lives of their loved ones. Chuck’s diagnosis stunned us and, like you, “the tears were stuck in our bodies.”
    I know that you’re a fighter, and I will pray for God’s peace and strength for you as you face this lousy situation head on!!! I think about you so often………. just know that you are loved by many! Hugs!


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