Today’s post is short…

My mother always said it was far easier to be nice or kind than it was to be mean or unkind.  I didn’t really believe this when I was a teenager.  I had brothers who were always mean to me and when ignoring them did not work, I thought being mean back was the best solution to the problem.  It wasn’t.  As an adult, I can understand that being kind is the only way to go through life.  A smile, a compliment, a simple ‘good morning,’ though all seemingly small gestures, may make the difference between a good day or a rotten day for someone, whether a friend or a stranger.  Really, how difficult is it to smile at each person you meet?  Even if you are feeling less than great yourself, the very act of being kin to someone else will make you feel better.  Since it is impossible to tell what people are going through or dealing with simply by looking at them, kindness is always the best bet.  We’ve all heard stories about someone who had made a decision to end his or her life, but because of the kindness that a friend, or even a complete stranger showed, perhaps a smile that was directed at them, they felt a little less alone and decided that, maybe, just maybe, life was worth sticking around for, after all.  We have also all seen the bumper sticker MEAN PEOPLE SUCK, and while it is true, why must we put out such a negative thought into the world?  Why not have a bumper sticker that says, KIND PEOPLE RULE or ALWAYS CHOOSE KINDNESS or KINDNESS IS THE WAY?

The quote below, stolen from a friend’s Facebook wall, pretty much sums it up:


Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 7.28.37 PM



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