I feel compelled to write about this horrific event.  No, I was not there, and no, as far as I am aware, I do not know anyone who was there.   I just read an account written by Carrie Jones,  who was actually there.  I’ve also been watching videos and reading updates online.  All I can think is WHY?  Why would anyone do this?  What purpose does it serve?

But what goes through my mind the most is that the people who were there, who were injured, who were spectators, they have some serious healing to do.  I tend to view everything now through the lens of having survived and healed through a traumatic event.  And I can easily see what they will all be going through.  Not the specifics, but in general.  Physically, even those who may have lost limbs, will eventually heal.  Psychologically, that’s an entirely different story.  I can say with certainty that if they do not get help, they will never get over it.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  you may think you are over something because you are living your life and acting as if whatever it was never happened, but you will never be over it, not really.  No one can ever really know how you are feeling or what you are going through, except someone who has been there.  Even then, we see things according to our experiences, and since everyone has different experiences, we cannot ever truly know.  What I do know is it will take time and probably more than they realize.  I also know that it is possible to heal from even the most catastrophic event.

I am sending positive thoughts and prayers to the people of Boston and to all who have been affected by yesterday’s bombing.  I may be just one person, but it starts with me.

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