A long time ago I read a quote that said something to the effect of, If you want to be a writer, you have to write.  I do write, every day, in my journal, and once a week I post on this site.  I’ve decided to challenge myself and up that to twice a week.  So, my intention now is to post on Wednesdays and Sundays.  At the beginning of this year, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to post every week.  I’ve done pretty well on that, only missing a few weeks.  Now, though, I feel like the time has come to step it up.  A part of the reason I missed the weeks that I did was not having a topic already in mind.  Now I have a big list, and one of the topics on that list is Books That Have Made A difference In My Life. Instead of simply making a list of those books, I will do a separate post on each one for the next 20 or 25 weeks, or however many there actually are.  This week starts with “Daily Love: Growing Into Grace” by Mastin Kipp, founder of

Last Wednesday evening I had the opportunity to attend Mastin’s book signing/mini-seminar at the W Hotel in downtown San Diego.  What an awesome night!  And I have to say that he is the reason for my deciding on writing an additional post each week. He took us through a meditation/breathing exercise designed to help us figure out what might be holding us back from living our individual best lives.  He’s big on action, not just concept.  My action step is to write more, which translates to posting twice a week from now on.

Because he is so passionate about his message and his desire to help others, I experienced him as a very powerful speaker  He is also very insightful and “knows a thing or two about the crisis-to-Grace cycle,” as Mastin calls it.  He defines Grace as “unearned Divine favor, as God’s YES to you.”    From the dust jacket of his book…”Mastin’s mission is to reconnect people with what makes them happy.  Happy people make better choices, and better choices make for a better planet.”  Like I said, I have only read the first two chapters, but am really looking forward to the rest.  As Tony Robbins said, “I’ve watched Mastin transform from rock bottom to someone who turned his life around and is making a massive impact on the world.  His book, DAILY LOVE: GROWING INTO GRACE, is an inspiring story about the power of truly being committed to improving the lives of others, no matter what may come.”  Pretty high praise, indeed!

At the end of the evening, he was gracious enough to sign everyone’s book and to pose for a picture:




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