Today’s post is not written by me, but by Jane Beach.  She is a recently retired minister of Conscious Living Center in Mt. View, California.  She is the author of this month’s Daily Guides in Science of Mind Magazine.  Today’s reading…



“A life lived of choice is a life of conscious action.”  ~Neale Donald Walsch

“In the independence of your own mentality, believe and feel that you are wonderful.  This is not conceit, it is truth.”  ~The Science of Mind, page 307


Every single time I make the decision to treat myself gently, I send peace to the world.  Every time I forgive myself, the world feels the effects of my forgiveness.  My self-respect and self-forgiveness return me to the beauty of who I truly am, which stirs the energy of love in me and sends it out into the world.  There’s a positive power in focusing on possibility, looking for the good in everything, finding something to be grateful for, trusting that life is on my side, sensing that I’m okay and letting others know that they’re okay, too. My optimism adds to the world’s healing.

Life reminds me of what’s possible.  If trees know when to let go of dying leaves so that new buds can form, I can let go of negativity to make room for peace and joy.  If birds can fly hundreds of miles to fulfill their life’s purpose, I can take the next step to live my dreams.  If sidewalks develop cracks so that a tiny seed can take hold in the earth below, I can adjust to that which is trying to grow within me.  My willingness to change helps uplift the world.

We all stretch and grow in our own way and time, gaining confidence, breaking through the old and embracing the new.  Every single time we say “Yes!” to our life, we bless a world that embraces us all.


AFFIRMATION: Every time I treat myself gently, I uplift the world.  In each instance that I focus on possibility, I become a power for healing.  Today, I do my part to bless a world that embraces us all.”

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